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In 2020, inspired by a unique dining experience in southern Italy, Keila envisioned a blend of butchery and dining for London. This led to the birth of Fine Cut Butchers Steak House, offering expertly prepared steaks and the option to take home prime cuts.

Despite launching in the midst of the pandemic in April 2021, the dual-concept establishment quickly became a hit, captivating Londoners seeking a novel dining adventure. The restaurant’s success, combining a traditional butcher shop with a contemporary steakhouse, reflects Keila’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Fine Cut Butchers Steak House allows patrons to choose cuts from a pristine display, providing a personalized dining experience. The restaurant has not only weathered the challenges but thrived, earning a loyal customer base and becoming a beacon for those seeking a unique gastronomic adventure in the heart of London.

Quality, Expertise, Mouth- Watering Goodness

Our Mission

At Fine Cut Butchers Steak House, our mission is to transport our guests to the vibrant streets of Brazil through an authentic and immersive culinary experience. We strive to be the epitome of excellence in introducing the richness of Brazilian meat to London, blending tradition with modern elegance. 

Our Vision

Fine Cut Butchers envisions becoming the foremost destination in London, synonymous with the authentic and immersive experience of Brazilian culinary excellence. Our vision is to be recognized as the premier establishment where the heart and soul of Brazil’s rich meat traditions meet the discerning tastes of the cosmopolitan London diner.


“Five Stars!”

Fine Cut Butchers Steak House is an absolute gem in the heart of London! As a Brazilian living abroad, I can confidently say that their Picanha takes me back home with every savory bite.

Oliver Smith

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Fine Cut Butchers Steak House, and I can’t stop raving about the experience! The Feijoada was a revelation, each ingredient contributing to a harmonious blend of flavors that made my taste buds dance.

Emily Johnson

Fine Cut Butchers Steak House exceeded all my expectations for a Brazilian dining experience in London. The Lasanha de Carne was a delightful surprise – layers of flavor that left me craving more.

Benjamin Taylor-Smith

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